Trash Rack Cleaner TUS 1000-10

TMS stationary Trash Rack Cleaner type TUS is electro-hydraulic. It is intended for water intake to a maximum of 3.5 m wide and 17 m deep. Maximum lift capacity is 1000 kg. Type TUS has simple rakearm. Type TUS can be supplemented with conveyor belt and with modules for head loss of control and communication. Possibility of manual operation is also available.

TMS Trash Rack Cleaner TUS has a number of unique features.

One of the most important is that therake motion is constrained even as it moves down into the water. It is therefore not affected by obstacles such as debris, logs or ice in the water.

Another advantage is that the mechanism is located upstream of the intake screen which means that the collected debris can never be caught and disrupt the function ..

Rake design can be varied within wide limits and adapted exactly to the intake vent and to the type of debris to be removed. At great depths, or when, for aesthetic reasons do not want that the rakearm should extend high above the dam, selected telescopic rakearm.

As an option, type TUS provided with remote and head loss control, claims automatic mode and the communication of various kinds. Another interesting option is de-icing. The control system provides lots of opportunities eg reduced rakedepth.

The entire Trash Rack Cleaner is made of hot galvanized steel.som is highly resistant to corrosion and wear. Hydraulics components require no supervision, and we recommend environmentally friendly hydraulic oil.

A good deal.

Profitable hydropower requires free flow.För a large power station can blockages and head losses cost six figures annually. Therefore, it pays to keep intake screens free.

Manual cleaning is both dangerous and costly. Moreover, it is practically impossible to get the job done as often as needed. In other words – everything speaks for automatic Trash Rack Cleaner!

All our Trash Rack Cleaner tailored to the plant. The design is simple with few moving parts. This reduces the risk of downtime and reduces the need for servicing. The build is sturdy, making the Trash Rack Cleaner withstands tough and durable and. CE marking ensures personal security.


TMS Engineering has a broad program of rational accessories; everything from eco-friendly oils and fully automated monitoring system for hand tools and personal protective equipment.

Conveyor systems

In most cases, it is useful to supplement the Trash Rack Cleaner with a conveyor belt carrying away the debris busy to waste containers or storage area. The conveyor belt is usually started automatically by the Trash Rack Cleaner.

Head Loss Control

Trash Rack Cleaner TUS can be equipped with automatics that makes them controlled by the water level in the pond. Even more control functions, eg communication, are possible.

Anti icing mode

At the intake screen where the risk of freezing is large, the Trash Rack Cleaner used to keep the water moving so that the presence of ice is reduced or eliminated completely.

Service / maintenance

Like all machines the Trash Rack Cleaner require some supervision to operate without problems year after year. TMS Engineering can undertake to make annual supervision of the Trash Rack Cleaner, including lubrication and replacement of wear parts as needed. Request offer!

Specifications for trash rack cleaner
TUS 1000-10

  • Maximum lifting capacity kg 1 000
  • Maximum stroke, m 17
  • Max rake width, m 3,5
  • Installation Fixed
  • Lifting speed, m/min 7
  • Max grating tilt, ° to the vertical 50°
  • Control system PLC
  • Power supply 3 x 400V, 16A

Hydraulic power electric motors, pumps, valves and tank. Single-stage planetary gearbox with hydraulic motor. Double-acting hydraulic cylinder. Environmentally friendly hydraulic oil.

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