TMS Engineering is your obvious partner when it comes to all forms of servicing. We can look after everything, from regular maintenance to modernization of dam sluices/gates and sluice/gates equipment, hydraulic equipment,  inlet trash racks, trash rack cleaners and conveyors, controls and regulation systems, communication, etc.

As consultants, we can help you with every aspect of dams and dam engineering – theoretical calculations, dimensioning, project planning and construction, as well as giving practical advice on operation and maintenance

More of our services

Trash racks

Traditional intake are susceptible to ice accretion, which can very quickly lead to significant cases losses.

An easy way to get rid of the problems is to use the Comp Rack.

Trash rack cleaner

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It pays to complement and modernize existing equipment with modern control engineering from TMS Engineering.

Qualified and accurate parallel control on governors  for segment gates  are one of our specialties.

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