Oskarshamn OKGnuclear power station, 4 PC TUS 2000-15 + comprack CR 130

Crane cleaner Korselbränna power station, TKN 5000

Indoor installation with narrow space Malfors power station, TUR1000-10

Betacleaner Herting power station, TBR 1000-05 + comprack CR 100

Gävunda power station, TUS 2000-15

Alfa cleaner with 30 degree inclined fish screens Dals Långed power station, TUR 2000-15

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Trash racks

Traditional intake are susceptible to ice accretion, which can very quickly lead to significant cases losses.

An easy way to get rid of the problems is to use the Comp Rack.

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It pays to complement and modernize existing equipment with modern control engineering from TMS Engineering.

Qualified and accurate parallel control on governors  for segment gates  are one of our specialties.


Bacteria can cause major problems in a production process. Therefore it is important that the lubricants used prevents growth of bacteria.

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