NoHydra oil-free trash rack cleaner

TMS’ Evo NoHydra range of electromechanical trash rack cleaners eliminates the risk of hydraulic oil entering the watercourse. The trash rack cleaners are intended for water intakes with a maximum width of 7 m for TUS-TUS2 and a depth of 21 m. The highest lifting force is 2000 kg.

The trash rack cleaner is supplied with single or double rake arms, depending on the width. TUR-TUR2 movable variants are available for wider intakes. All can be supplemented with a conveyor belt and with modules for height of fall loss control and communication. The possibility of manual actuation is also available.

The Advantages

Apart from their environmentally friendly, oil-free drive, TMS’ Evo NoHydra trash rack cleaners have a series of unique refinements.

One of the most important is that the movement of the rake is also mechanically actuated as it moves down into the water. This means that it is not affected by obstructions such as rubbish, logs or ice in the water.

Another advantage is that the machinery is installed upstream of the intake trash rack, which means that accumulated rubbish can never become trapped and interfere with the function.

The design of the rake can be varied within wide limits and adapted exactly to the intake trash rack and to the type of rubbish to be removed. If the depth is considerable, or if it is not wished for the rake arms to project high up above the dam for aesthetic reasons, telescopic rake arms can be selected.

The movable variants of the NoHydra trash rack cleaner are mounted on a stable chain-driven trolley.

As an option, NoHydra can be equipped with remote control and height of fall loss control, automatic default mode and various communication facilities. Another interesting option is de-icing. The control system offers a great many possibilities, such as reduced rake depth.

The entire trash rack cleaner is manufactured from hot-dip galvanized steel, which is particularly resistant to corrosion and wear. The electro mechanical components require minimal maintenance.

A good deal.

Profitable hydroelectric power requires free flow. For a large power station, the cost of blockages and height of fall losses can run into a six-figure sum annually. That is why it pays to keep the intake trash racks free.

Manual cleaning is both dangerous and costly. It is also impossible in practice to do the job as often as necessary. In other words – everything points to automatic trash rack cleaners!

All our trash rack cleaners are tailor-made for the installation. The design is simple with few moving parts. This reduces the risk of operating interruptions and reduces the need for service. The construction is robust, which means that the trash rack cleaners stand up to heavy treatment and last for a long time, and CE marking guarantees personal safety.


TMS Engineering has a wide range of effective accessories; from fully automatic monitoring systems and hand tools to environmentally friendly oils and personal safety equipment.

Conveyor systems

In the majority of cases, it is practical to supplement the trash rack cleaner with a conveyor belt which carries away the collected rubbish to a waste container or storage place. The conveyor belt is normally started automatically by the trash rack cleaner.

Head loss control

The trash rack cleaners in the Evo NoHydra range can be equipped with an automatic system which enables them to be controlled by the water level difference in the intake. Further control and regulation functions, e.g. communication, are possible.

Anti icing mode

In the case of intake trash racks in which the risk of freezing is high, the trash rack cleaner can be used to keep the water moving so that icing-up is reduced or is eliminated entirely.

Service / maintenance

Like all machines, a trash rack cleaner requires a certain level of maintenance if it is to function without problem year after year. TMS Engineering can carry out an annual inspection of the trash rack cleaner, including lubrication and replacement of any wearing parts that are required. Ask for a quotation!

Technical data for trash rack cleaner

  • Max lifting force, kg 2 000
  • Max stroke length, m 21
  • Max rake width, m 7
  • Installation Fixed or movable
  • Lifting rate, m/min 5-10
  • Max gate inclination to the vertical plane 60°
  • Drive Entirely oil-free, electro-mechanical.

    Up-Down toothed wheel with brake 2.2 kW stepless vector control. In-Out toothed wheel with brake and separate cooling fan 0.75 kW stepless vector control.

  • Control system PLC

    (made by Mitsubishi, alternative makes on request)

  • Power supply 3 x 400V, 25A

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