Automatic gates PLRS-TWHEEL

Manual level measurement and the operation is still common. But given what labor and travel costs, it is natural to seek other solutions.

The requirements for quality, precision and performance are particularly high in the gaps that are part of larger, overarching regulatory system. Here TMS standard gate first choice since the design can easily be adapted to different control systems.

Automatic regulation in several ways

More durable than anything else on the market.

TMS standard gate is made entirely of stainless steel. It need not be surface treated, which means that you avoid the negative environmental effects that may cause harmful colors. TMS gate manufactured in any dimension and can be fitted with a range of rational accessories. It can also be manufactured in steel or aluminum.


All TMS gates can be supplied with different systems and accessories; everything from built-in heating and automatic steering to governors and fastening.


A frozen gate can cause big problems. By providing the gate with the heat increases reliability which reduces operating and maintenance costs. Choose between heating cable and hot air systems.


Depending on the design delivered gaps with different types of side and bottom seals. All made from durable EPDM rubber that can withstand high pressure for long periods with maintained functionality.

Gate Governors

We can give you the exact level of automation you need -from simple, manual operation to fully automated systems with level control and remote control from the control room. Accurate parallel control is one of our specialties.

Fastening products

We can also supply all the mechanical details like a floodgate require - steel profiles, attachments for lifting gear, superstructure, etc.

Dam Renovation

Requirements are tightened, especially in the security field, while the technology advances. We can ensure that your pond meets the safety requirements and that it has a feature that provides low and fixed costs. We perform both full and lots.

Fastening products

To function, it is important that both the floodgate and fastening the same high quality and that they are designed to work together. We gladly responsible for the design, manufacture and assembly of embedded components like steel profiles, attachments for lifting gear (choose between high or low profile), gate opener, superstructure, etc.
Embedded fasteners of all kinds.

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